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Product Overview

HYDREXX® professional nitrogen stabilizer is an innovative additive that gives turfgrass professionals complete control of their turfgrass programs. It allows for the stabilization of urea-based nitrogen (N) sources and the management of rates to efficiently provide the needed plant response from a few weeks to months per application.

Stabilized Nitrogen

dual-inhibitor technology

Controlled Release

1. Contains a urease inhibitor that helps minimize N loss from the surface.

Controlled Release

2. Contains a nitrification inhibitor to keep more N available in the root zone.

Controlled Release

3. As a result, N remains in the soil for a longer period of time to optimize nutrition uptake and efficiently mitigates N loss.

Benefits and advantages

The customization of HYDREXX® nitrogen stabilizer allows applicators to adjust rates to match specific soil and environmental conditions. Whether it is a heavier or sandier soil, the rates and longevity are determined by the applicator.

  • For use with liquid urea and UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) solution
  • Extended, consistent turfgrass response with exceptional color
  • Provides control over rate and length of performance
  • Stabilizes urea fertilizer so it is held in the most efficient, ammonium form
  • Dependable performance across varying soil conditions (e.g. pH, temperature, moisture)
  • Can be tank-mixed with many turfgrass protection chemicals
  • Environmentally responsible with low potential for leaching, denitrification, runoff or volatilization