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Stabilized Nitrogen Technology

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Technologies

Urease inhibitors work above the soil to slow the conversion of urea to ammonium through hydrolysis. Slowing this conversion retains more N as plant-available ammonium, with less converted to ammonia gas that is then lost to the atmosphere through volatilization.

Nitrification inhibitors work in the soil by slowing the microbial conversion of ammonium to nitrate. Ammonium can be held on soil exchange sites and available for plant use. Negatively charged nitrate is susceptible to leaching and denitrification, especially under wet conditions or in coarse-textured soils. Nitrification inhibitors can reduce these losses, typically for up to 8 weeks.

Stabilized nitrogen can be applied as a spray or spread as a granular, giving your customers the flexibility to tailor their fertilizer programs.

Stabilized nitrogen fertilizers work well in all soils, and may be especially valuable where pH is high, and where a lack of irrigation, high precipitation or over-irrigation exists. Steep slopes are also a good area for this source, because stabilized nitrogen solubilizes upon watering so particle movement or migrating is not a concern.

Allied Nutrients stabilized nitrogen products include:

UMaxx UFlexx Hydrexx