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Product Overview

NUTRALENE® slow-release fertilizer is a methylene urea (MU) source with a guaranteed analysis of 40-0-0. The consistent, long-lasting release of nutrition for up to 16 weeks provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to effectively increase root growth, which helps to improve turfgrass health.

Slow Release

“We use NUTRALENE® on all our fairways, tees and roughs starting in late spring, early summer; it’s a vital tool in our maintenance program.”

Jerry Tidball, Arroyo Golf Club

methylene urea Technology

Slow Release
  1. Optimum particle sizing for a variety of turfgrass heights
  2. 47.5% of total nitrogen (N) is water-insoluble nitrogen (WIN) and low salt index of 25
  3. Broken or damaged particles don’t affect nutrient release rate
  • Feeds turfgrass for up to 16 weeks, consistently metering nutrition
  • SGN options - micro, mini, and regular

How It Works

Slow Release

Release is triggered by soil temperature and microbial activity in unison with turfgrass demand.

Slow Release

1. Typically 50% of its nutrition is released in the first 4 to 6 weeks.

Slow Release

2. Another one-third of the N source is released in 6 to 12 weeks.

Slow Release

3. The remainder is released beyond 12 weeks.

product Benefits

NUTRALENE® slow-release fertilizer has been widely applied by turfgrass professionals looking for a long-lasting and consistent delivery of nutrition for up to 16 weeks. NUTRALENE® fertilizer offers a range of sizes giving you the maximum in rate flexibility.

  • Slowly releases its 47.5% WIN, which enriches soil’s microbiology, helping to increase root growth and density
  • Gradual, consistent release enhances steady, sustained growth to minimize flushes
  • Extended feeding with fewer applications
  • By providing a more reliable and sustainable release, the peaks and valleys caused by more inconsistent fertilizers are avoided
  • Release is not affected by mechanical damage
  • Less potential risk of nitrate leaching or runoff

Options and flexibility

NUTRALENE® fertilizer can be applied under a broad range of environmental conditions at any time of the year. A choice of three sizes is available for rate flexibility.

*Slowly available N from MU.
**(% of Total N) AOAC 945.01 Method

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