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    Allied Nutrients™ provides innovative enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) that optimize nutrient uptake, minimize nutrient loss and increase environmental sustainability.

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Allied Nutrients™ is committed to providing only the industry’s leading Efficient, Effective and PROVEN enhanced efficiency fertilizer technologies. Allied’s portfolio is not only filled with the foremost in proven quality but also the largest and most diverse in flexibility - regarding SGNs and longevities. Allied's technologies have been specifically developed to solve the unique challenges of green industry professionals and have been tried, trusted and PROVEN to provide optimal nutrient uptake, dependable extended feeding and exceptional turf and ornamental appearance and health. 

Allied Nutrients' enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) products can reduce operating costs, free up labor, increase the return on time and nutrient investment (ROI) and protect the environment by reducing the potential for nutrient leaching, denitrification, runoff and volatilization.