About Allied Nutrients

About Allied Nutrients


Allied Nutrients specializes in providing proven technologies with innovative solutions to enhance turfgrass and ornamental plant performance, secure nutrient investments and ensure the success of our customers.  Allied Nutrients is hyper-focused on supplying highly effective, environmentally sustainable turf and ornamental products.


Allied Nutrients combines trailblazing enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) manufacturing with world class research and development to offer our customers cutting-edge technologies. Staffed with the foremost industry experts in coated manufacturing, agronomic research and development and sales/account management, Allied Nutrients delivers outstanding quality and unmatched client support.


With strategically located state-of-the-art coating manufacturing facilities and exclusive rights to offer the top performing EEF brands in Turf and Ornamentals, Allied Nutrients has become the leading supplier to the green industry.  Enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) technologies include; SCU, PCU, PCSCU, Reacted Slow Release Nitrogen and Urease Inhibitors. With a continuous focus on research and development and commitment to customer success, Allied Nutrients plans to continue to grow their EEF portfolio with exciting and impactful technologies.

Commitment to 4r Nutrient stewardship

As a 4R Nutrient Stewardship partner, Allied Nutrients is committed to developing technologies and education that supports fertilizer best management practices (BMPs), which helps turfgrass managers meet their objectives of efficient and responsible nutrient management.

The 4R initiative is comprised of four principles: the Right fertilizer source, applied at the Right rate, at the Right time and in the Right place. These principles advocate BMPs such as optimizing nutrient uptake, minimizing loss to the environment and complying with applicable regulations and statutes.


Allied Nutrients is not only committed to offering proven fertilizer technologies but also providing dedicated and outstanding support. Allied Nutrients proudly and actively supports GCSAA, RISE, Project EVERGREEN, NALP and their Industry Growth Initiative, which supports the success of the industry and our valued customers.